The Dutch organization Fur for Animals had started Legal proceedings with the Council of State to contest the environmental permit of a mink breeder in the province of Brabant. Fur for Animals considers keeping minks for their fur to be immoral. However, these are no grounds for dispute in the jurisprudence. It is, at the most, amoral. Fur for Animals therefore chose to contest the environmental permit. The organization strove for full closure of the company, which had permission from the Council of Boxmeer to expand from 3,000 to 4,000 minks.
The Council of State had allowed the environmental permit of the mink breeders, Mr. and Mrs. Willems in Rijkevoort, to remain in force. Conditions of this agreement are, that the permit incorporates the clause that Willems will need to prove in writing on a regular basis to the Council of Boxmeer that he complies with the noise-nuisance act.
In this way all parties concerned (Fur for Animals, Council and Council of State) have made a laugh of the matter. It is not the purpose of the legal system to deal with matters on improper grounds. If you object to keeping minks on unethical or moral grounds, you need also to fight in these terms. The verdict by the Council of State gives the public the impression that there is nothing wrong with keeping minks, as long as the screams of the animals are not too audible on the outside.