The Credit Crunch: are there advantages to the disadvantages?

How foolish or insensitive can a person be who still denies that factory farming can only sustain itself when animal welfare is made secondary to man's greed? Having lived a hellish and far too short life, 500.000.000 (five hundred million) animals are robbed of life in The Netherlands each year, more often than not in a horrendous fashion. All for a product that humans do not even need! Yes, I dare to claim that humans who earn their living in the (factory farming) business spend their entire days torturing animals. It may be true that people do not act out of cruelty. But when you are aware of the suffering animals must endure before being transformed into a piece of anonymous meat and you continue to work in that sector and keep on consuming the end product, you are also an accomplice to terrible and unnecessary animal suffering. This is why I have accepted the consequences and have completely stopped eating meat and fish, and I had been a fervent meat eater for more than sixty years. I would never try to force anybody to follow my example, but it can do no harm to examine your own personal consumption closely and to ask yourself seriously if you should continue with this nonsense. Thanks to organizations such as "Wakker Dier” (Animal Awareness), the Party for the Animals and others, more and more is becoming known about the disgusting practices to which animals are subjected in order to get as many animals as quickly as possible onto consumers plates. Apart from unacceptable animal suffering, the environment is also being threatened by livestock breeding and hunger in the world continues to exist, because half of the arable land is used for growing livestock fodder. For one kilogram of animal protein (meat) four to five kilograms of vegetable protein is required. The land could be put to much better use for growing plants suitable for human consumption. In this way 40.000 children would not need to die every day of malnutrition.

Indeed, how foolish can you be to simply turn a blind eye to the facts, to run them down or to ridicule them. Perhaps the credit crunch we seem to be approaching will enable the slaves to consumption - which we as humans have become - to see reason somehow. The advice to check out the website of "Wakker Dier” wasn't all the bad. However, those who just don't want to know, will not make the effort and will continue to load "cheaper by the kilo” packs of meat into their supermarket trolleys.