Extract from a press release issued by the PvdD (Party for the Animals) on shooting Fallow Deer in Zeeland (Netherlands):

On the subject of population control, the Party for the Animals states that shooting 325 fallow deer is undesirable, as this measure would not address the source of the increase in the population. The Party for the Animals is in favor of natural regulation of the deer population. Scientific research shows that natural selection occurs when there is a lack of living space and food. Productive years are followed naturally by a reduction in the number of animals, due to lower availability of food, harsh Winters, fewer births and deaths from natural causes such as  hunger and disease”, explains Marianne Thieme. She points out that hunters throughout The Netherlands provide animals in the wild with additional food, which in turn increases fertility. 'The fact that hunters consciously shoot mainly the males instead of the females goes to prove that these  hunters are more concerned with collecting trophies than with controlling the deer  population. Moreover, the uneven balance of  the sexes only serves to stimulate reproduction”.

End of press release.

Whereas the abovementioned is true, it is not entirely so. A population can only be left to itself if it also able to migrate to other areas via the Ecological Connection (EC) and when predators can follow their quarry undisturbed.
The EC  has not been completely enforced in The Netherlands, which means that not all wildlife areas have been connected. To achieve this, cooperation from the farmers using the intervening land is essential.
In our country far more land is used by farmers than is necessary for their own food supplies. But politicians are reluctant to dispossess the farmers, in view of  the revenue the latter can raise from the land. It is high time that political change comes about whereby earning money at the cost of animal welfare, health or the environment no longer has highest priority.