The lack of effective enforcement of the law against animal abuse throughout the world is well recognized by most people. Spain is certainly not exception to the rule by far. Localized individual cruelty inflicted to innocent animals happens much too often, one of the problems being that no law and punishment is implemented to the ones who do such mentally unstable purely cruel acts.

Recent Machiavellian events in the province of Tarragona, Spain, have triggered several number of national and international organizations and individuals to join together into forcing the Spanish Communities that still do not have a protection of animals law to pass one, as nobody rushed to reform the protection laws in those Communities where such legislation exists to stop them from being a milestone of inefficiency.

This action was in principle only to be nationally organised but due to overwhelming support from many international organisations, the association made an effort to make it understandable for non-Spanish speakers.

A petition form has been created for those who agree and want to support the Spanish citizens in order to implement a new regulation of cruelty to animals in Spain and support:

"To be considered as a crime the following acts: to cruelly ill-treat animals, whether domestic or not, in private or in public performance not legally authorised and regardless of further criminal evaluation of ill-treating to animals in any case."

The signing of this form has to be done as follows; by printing the original paper and gathering as many signatures as possible (IN ORIGINAL), no copies, no faxes, no emails will be valid.

These petition should be sent by post only.
How to get to the print petition? Click on:

  2. A pop-up screen comes up.
  3. Go to the top right hand side and click on the box that says: "Firmas para extranjeros" (signatures from foreign citizens)
  4. The petition appears translated in English. Print it, get as many signatures as possible and once filled up send it (ONLY BY POST) to:
    Fundación Altarriba
    Rambla de Catalunya 14, 2n 3a
    08007 Barcelona Spain