Over the past five years Animal Freedom has been supporting solely legitimate action methods against factory farming, mainly through it's own website. The action group that exerts itself for animal rights, was transformed into a foundation on October 2nd 2003.
By taking this step the Animal Freedom Foundation hopes to keep the confidence of the public. It was considered a risk that Animal Freedom, due to it's name, could become confused with the rising number of illegal actions of foreign animal rights activists in The Netherlands. By causing economical damage to fur-farming and by making havoc and setting animals free, illegal actions in the eyes of both the public as well as Animal Freedom are counter-productive in the long run.

Animal Freedom has it's name because the organization feels that the freedom to be able to behave in natural ways, is a basic right for animals, just as it is for humans. The English name is chosen because the group directs itself to an international audience with a world wide goal.
Animal Freedom highly values legitimate action methods because it is of the opinion that the ways in which people deal with animals have to change from the inside, and from within our inner being.

Bert Stoop, initiator, webmaster and now board member of the Animal Freedom Foundation, is a psychologist. Through hundreds of articles on the website he raises the matter why in factory farming things have gotten so much out of hand and what can be done effectively and in a positive manner. The Dutch-based Foundation states that in it's country of origin due to the Dutch meat-production for export purposes (70% of Dutch meat is sold abroad), the consumer prices for meat from industrial farming are (too) low. Consumers therefore are less inclined to pay for more responsibly produced meat. The alternatives for industrial meat are eating less meat that moreover has a biologically or ecologically sound origin, and cooking nice vegetarian meals more often.
On the world wide web Animal Freedom can also easily be found via search machines through an extensive web of links to other organizations. Every day an average of 1500 people pay the website a visit.

By gaining broader (financial) support for the newly established foundation, the people involved with Animal Freedom in future hope to increase the number of people that take freedom as a reference point for their attitude towards animals and thereby help to improve the fate of animals all over the world.