in the case of the massacre of arctic seals


The Canadian Government, represented by the Prime Minister, Paul Martin; Geoff Regan, Minister of Fisheries; Stéphane Dion, Minister of the Environment;

accused of

  • aiding and abetting and encouraging the annual massacre of seals on the Canadian ice fields,
  • a massacre devoid of any rational justification and condemned by the majority of the Canadian people.
  • major responsibility in the torture and elimination of hundreds of thousands of seals every year
  • the plundering of a living heritage which belongs to the whole world
  • encouraging the violence and killing frenzy of a small blood-thirsty minority
  • complicity in the skinning of thousands of seals while still alive
  • violating the Canadian Fisheries Law by tolerating the killing of seals under 12 days old (Whitecoats and Bluebacks) 

Based on today's hearing of witnesses and examination of the evidence, the International Court of Justice for Animal Rights, represented by 9 members of the jury and three judges, hereby declares
The Canadian Authorities guilty on all the above detailed Counts.

In view of the testimonies heard and the evidence submitted, the Court finds the Canadian prime Minister, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Minister of the Environment, guilty of promoting massacres shocking not only by their excessiveness and enormous waste of living creatures, but also by their cruelty which pushes Canada out of socially accepted realms by the fault of a sadistically orientated minority.

The Court appeals to the Canadian Government to put an immediate stop to this immoral and dishonourable hunt.

The Court appeals to the European Union to implement an import ban on all products stemming from the Canadian seal hunt.

The Court calls upon citizens of all countries to boycott Canadian products of any nature whatsoever and to avoid Canada as a tourist venue for as long as the massacre of seals is not prohibited.

The Court appeals to the Plenary-Assembly of the United Nations that Article 3 of the General Treaty on Human Rights which guarantees every human being the 'Right to Life, Freedom and Security' be complemented by an Article 3a: "Sentient non-human beings have a right to life and wellfare. No per-son has the right to kill these living beings without a defendable reason, nor to harm them or cause them pain or damage”.

Furthermore the Court has decided to send a delegation of observers to the Canadian ice fields at the end of February/beginning of March 2006 for the purpose of examining the then prevailing situation. In order to carry out this essential visit, the Court requests of the Canadian Government the lifting of the now existing ban on information and observation.

The complete, substantiated verdict will be sent to the convicted parties, to both the Commission and the Parliament of the European Union, to the European Council, to the UN and to UNESCO.

Geneva, 5th December 2005

The International Court of Justice for Animal Rights

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