The articles in this section are written by journalists, scientists and animal right activists.

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Animal rights advocates
Is Peter Singer backing animal testing? Singer and Regan reply
Empty cages: an interview with Tom Regan
An interview with Professor Gary L. Francione on the State of the U.S. Animal Rights Movement

Pioneers of animal emancipation

Comments on action 'Stop the dog-meat trade in Korea'

Nice doggie! Affection in the Animal Kingdom

Greyhound Race: Death in the Fast Line
Foot and mouth crisis: "economic" solutions (3 articles)

Animal-friendly dairy consumption?

Denial and ignoring of factory farming
Charity: do not donate a cow with Christmas
People are a lot madder than cows

Do animals have a consciousness?

Consciousness in animals

The attractiveness of eating meat
Blaming the victim
Animal care for therapy, who is the better for it?
Sensible and senseless talk about animal suffering

Anthropomorphizing for supporters and opponents of animal interests

Existential anxiety as a source of the underestimation of animal suffering
Are animals, plants, communities, landscapes and non-living nature moral beings?
Immanuel Kant and his categorical imperative
Erich Fromm: towards a sane society and how animals can benefit from that development
An analysis of "the status of animals"

Are humans superior to other species?

Acknowledgement of human-animal continuity does not necessarily lead to biological reductionism
Where does man end and animal begin?
Various topics
Overspill in the Zoo: the practices that no-one knows
Do not underestimate animal suffering!
Can vegetarianism help reduce terrorism?
Equal consideration for animals

Killing Young Animals for Human Consumption

Watch out, creeping fur!

Refraining from Violence in the Fight for Animal Rights

The Disastrous Way and Working on an Alternative
Do not support "donation" of animals to other countries
Farmer, consumer and bio-technologist: a classic thriller
Fair prices will help animal welfare
Leaving populations to themselves is only possible within a working Ecological Connection
Economy and animal interests how do they relate?
Fireworks destroy more than you would wish
Cut-throat flowers: the disadvantages of the mondial flower business
Can the honeybee survive?
"Obscene" - the Era
Laughing at animals
Agribusiness: foul play farming, at your account
Darwin, animal and rights
Former professor Animal Rights, Dirk Boon: in 25 years most of us will be vegetarian
Dirk Boon's frustration about non-enforcement animal protection law
Dirk Boon on "animal crusaders” and “Animal crusaders are not terrorists

What is so extreme about veganism?

Murdering Anja, Manja and Tanja, chickens
Does left-wing animal rights activism lead to terror?
Protected animals in The Netherlands not sure of their lives
Music on Youtube: Don Rosenbaum - Thou shalt not kill
Life of a pig farmer: Brabant blues
Abandoned pets as “free as a bird”?
Stop animal disease, stop factory farming
MRSA, cattle breeders are playing a game of poker with your life
European farmers dump their milkproduction surplus on to the world market

How many animals are unnecessarily slaughtered according to Islamic law?