Hermine Ingen Housz-Menalda
From previous action groups/foundations I started I have kept the feeling that you can do a lot about wrongs as an individual. Especially the success of 'Red ons Rivierlandschap' (Save our river landscape) has shown me that, because it seemed like a battle that we could only lose, like David against Goliath. You have to start pulling somewhere, then you'll find like-minded individuals and things will start moving. "Meat=Suffering" is another example of this.
Well, what makes an animal friend an animal friend? It can't be my rural background: I've lived in cities all my life. I am the daughter of a nature photographer, and was dragged outside by my dad at an early age to be shown all the beautiful things that grow and live there. Maybe that's where my deep solidarity with nature comes from. "I'm greeted always /by what God has created" (Guido Gezelle).
With an attitude like that, you understand NOTHING about the idea of man as the crowning glory of creation, who from his superiority can do with 'those stupid animals' as he pleases. The 'superior' position of man by the way should oblige him to good supervisory of the creatures entrusted to him. But no.
On the contrary, I'm sharply aware that people are only a species of ape 'gotten out of hand', that shields themselves as much as possible against the intelligence and emotions of other, subjugated, animal species, because it's not in their interest. If this weren't the case, we would know a lot more by now about 'languages' and signal systems of other animals, and we would be able to 'understand' them better by now, in whatever way. But then we would also have to face the way we abuse them, and that would only give us a guilty conscience!
I feel that the worst excesses of this superior thinking are found in factory farming, where cruelty has been elevated into a system. The animal as a consumer item, the total denial of the intrinsic value of animals. Indeed, it reminds me of concentration camps.
That's the reason for the final slogan of this text:
"You are not a piece of meat of ... kilos, why do you think a cow is?"

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