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Structure of the presentation

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Animal rights and the theory behind it
All sorts of basic concepts for animal rights reviewed.

The worst abuses in factory farming
Hogs and pigs Cows Laying hens and fattening chicks Turkeys Minks Rabbits International Transportation The Fishing Industry.

5 factory animal rights and violation of it
In 1979 the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), an independent advisory organ of the European Committee, determined that animals in cattle farming have a right to the following 5 "freedoms".

Freedom is a basic right for animals
This article is about the central role that freedom plays in our sense of justice.

Respect, freedom and compassion
Respect is the combination of love and freedom, between involvement and keeping distance.

Sitemap: list of all articles on Animal Freedom
Titles and links to all articles.

Book: Freedom is a basic animal right
The most important articles brought together in a book

A large number of articles summarized in a statement.