We believe that factory farming can be ended when the import and export of meat  is banned. Free trade for animal products stimulates factory farming and increases consumption.
We are in favour of the restoring of the ecological (natural) balance in the breeding of animals.
The price for animal products should reflect all necessary elements for animal well-being, so small scale farming should be attractive.

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Animal Freedom has the following objectives:

Inclusion of freedom as a basic right for all animals in the constitution.

The ending of factory farming methods as soon as possible and the banning of breeding of animals for their fur.

The elimination of overproduction and the consequent export of poultry and pork.

The establishment of the right of farm animals to perform natural behavior.

The banning of hunting for pleasure, restoring of natural balance.

The banning of the import and trading of wild exotic animals (pets).

Reduction of the consumption of meat and the support of ecological sound alternatives for food production.