The starting point - that freedom is a fundamental right for humans and animals - is elaborated in the articles below.


Untruths that cause animal suffering
Keeping an animal dependent is wrong
Is it wrong to withhold freedom from animals?
Is it o.k. to eat animals?


Why worry about animal rights?
Needs and interests of man and animal
Animal Rights Proclamation
Freedom is a valuable paradox
Physical integrity, well-being and animal rights
Who is responsible for animal rights?
Five fundamental rights for cattle
The central meaning of freedom for human and animal rights and the concept of respect
Questions about intrinsic value of animals
Respect, freedom and compassion
Freedom, boredom and addiction


Do animals have rights? What motivation or argument can have legal basis?
A statement (philosophy) that freedom is a basic animal right
Inner liberation of man and the relationship with animals


What is understood by the right of animals to freedom?
Can animal rights be enforced in court?
Isn't it a fact that possessing an animal actually contradicts the right of freedom?
Standing up for animal rights should be financially rewarded
What about freedom and fishing for sport or pigeon flying?
All animals are equally entitled to the same quality

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Drawing the line for freedom to abuse animals
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