It's my challenge to achieve communication with horses

Written by It makes me angry and sad that people with their powers of reason and their conscience abuse their power over animals. I think of factory farming, pets and horses in equestrian sports. When there are campaigns for animals in my neighborhood, I always try to help where I can. Five years ago I realized fully that meat is animal flesh, and I became a vegetarian. I was open for information about what happens in the meat industry. My boyfriend has gradually become a vegetarian as well. I have pets myself, which I offer space and company. We have 6 horses, 2 dogs and 8 goats, 5 chickens and a rooster. The chickens come from battery cages (they've been in there for one week). What influenced me strongly is the book by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. He speaks "horse language" as it were, and rides horses without reigns or saddle. He tries to spare the horse's back when he does this. Besides caring for them, I do very little with the horses, I accept them as they are. By riding a horse, you place yourself literally above that horse. I walk with them (not beside them, but in front as a leader). There are two conditions for a horse: you dominate the horse or it dominates you. Now horses still dominate me, but I want to learn to lead horses. I want to practice (dressage) with them. My challenge is to achieve communication with horses. I would like to teach people how they should handle horses. Now people use too much violence out of impotence. When children handle horses at too young an age, it can be dangerous. And they are often taught the wrong things about horses, for instance that you need to use a whip, that horses belong inside stables, that you have to urge them on. They don't see how roughly bits are used. Because communication with horses fails, horses change owners (too) much. Back to personal stories.

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