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I am originally from Spain (Barcelona). As a Spanish person I grew up with the beef-steak in my mouth (so to speak). Until I was 31 I ate meat without any guilt and I would never have thought that one day I would change my mind. The time came while I was living in the UK (London) when I saw a few documentaries on TV about mistreated animals and slowly, I began to understand that it was not right for me to eat meat anymore. It was a slow process, but little by little, meat was more and more repulsive in my eyes and the smell became more and more disgusting. Eight years have gone past and I would never consider the thought of any dead animal on my plate again, no matter how much garniture surrounds it. This goes to prove that it is possible to STOP. A lot of people said to me: "I could not possibly live without it, I need to eat meat!" and I see myself in them 10 years ago, when I thought the same, but now, I can honestly confirm "it is possible and in given time, it is absolutely impossible to reverse". I will never regret having learned from the videos, leaflets and documentaries (thanks to the WSPA) and I shall never need to live on the expense of so many animals suffering for me. I can see clearly now. What bothers me at present is the catastrophic effects of the new disease with farm animals (bio-industry), every time a new virus with the same origine; over mass production of "dead meat". It is all economics, and it seems people still do not realize that "cheap = expensive". In the long run, nature demands "pay back" and it does so with new diseases, long term illnessess, financial breakdowns, you name it. I hope one day more people will see the eyes of the animal on their "sunday roast". Realize that a packet of cellophane rapped veal meat (a couple of months old baby cow) has probably been transported alive through several countries, bashed around a in truck and left without energy to even be able to walk out, and then, gets killed without respect. Pointless lives. Just because they can not speak our language does not mean animals have no feelings. How can human beings be so ignorant? I would like now to pay my tribute to all the slaughtered animals in the world, with all the respect they deserve.
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