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The 28 million Dutch laying hens are being kept in enriched cages (80%) or are able to rummage about in a shed (13%), for example in an aviary cage. An enriched cage is a large cage for approximately 40 hens with a laying nest, roosts and a litter box for taking dust baths.  
Only 7 % ever go outside, for example as free-range chickens, the so-called Freiland or grass chickens. A grass chicken has 37 times as much space (4 m²). Half of the eggs are exported to Germany, only 30% is consumed in the Netherlands.

The old battery cage has been abolished as of 2012 and has been succeeded by an enriched cage, also known as the furnished cage, which is hardly an improvement.

An egg from an enriched cage costs approximately 10 eurocents, a free-range egg 13 eurocents and a grass-egg 15 eurocents.