The battle against factory farms is not always dull. Some flash movies are amusing and very effective.

People that saw The Matrix immediately will recognize Morpheus, here portrayed as "Moopheus". Moopheus will tell you more about the problems in and around factory farms in this flash movie.

What we like too is this anti-hunt video from Woodpecker on AdEater (MPEG 2Mb).

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Another example is Cows with guns, a clever animation by Bjørn-Magne Stuestøl with a nice song by Dana Lyons.

MoopheusA 4-minute Flash™ animation that spoofs The Matrix films and highlights the problems of factory farming. Instead of Keanu Reaves, The Meatrix stars a young pig, Leo, who lives on a pleasant family farm ... he thinks. Leo is approached by a trenchcoat-clad cow, Moopheus, who shows him the ugly truth about agribusiness, complete with a send-up of the "stop-motion" camerawork immortalized by the Matrix.

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