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The count is based on the number of animals that are slain by the meat and dairy industries worldwide in 2003. This number is still increasing. In addition to these animals, there are many other animals that are slain (fish, marine mammals, animals, furry animals, etc.) for other reasons.
Source: Action for Animals

Worldwide each year about 75 billion farm animals are kept for their meat, milk or eggs. Estimates suggest that 70% of them, about 50 billion animals remain their short life in cramped cages or dark pens of the cattle industry.

  • 42 billion broilers
  • 4.1 billion laying hens
  • 770 million pigs
  • 5 million cows

There are more animals in captivity than living in the wild

In addition to the mammals on land, 2.7 trillion (1018) animals are fished from the sea each year. Around 75% of the worldwide fishing areas are exploited or are already exhausted.

For images of the lives of these animals (and other species) before they were slain, visit the website of photographer Jo-Anne McArthur.

Does this insight paralyze you? Please realize that the solution is simple, and not dependent of other people. You do not have to do anything other than to stop to contribute to animal suffering.