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Do your views about the use of animals for food and clothes correspond with those of others who eat meat or who do not make use of animal products? The road from eating meat to becoming a vegan is a winding one with thresholds, sneak routes, detours, sure runners and slow sideroads. If you draw an imaginary line from eating meat on the one side to being a non-user of animal products on the other side, everyone stands on a different point along this line. This (stand)point has a number of characteristics. We made a short test with these characteristics, by summing them up as statements. Working your way through the test, is like making a trip from A to B.
In the light of your answers to the test, you can determine whether or not your opinions on nutrition and clothes and their use of animals correspond with the views of others and find out "where you are" on the journey. The comparison gives no feedback on whether you live or eat healthy, but if you are consistent in what you think and eat. If before completing this survey (test) you would like to know more about 'the survey and what you can do with its results' please click here. Start test.
We present to you 24 statements on the subject of food. With the answers you give, a comparative percentage is automatically calculated on the lower side of this page and consequently we compare your score with those of 6 groups:
  1. ordinary meat consumers;
  2. consumers of biologically produced meat;
  3. people who voluntarily skip meat from their menu once in a while;
  4. people who eat no meat, but do take fish, eggs or dairy products;
  5. vegetarians (who eat no meat and fish, but do take eggs or dairy products);
  6. vegans (who do not want to apply any animal products).
The percentage indicates the overlap with the six groups. The comparison also gives you feedback on whether you are consistent in what you think and what you eat. If f.e. your results would show a high consensus with someone who eats no meat but you still eat meat yourself, you are not consistent. If (at any time) you consider to lower your meat consumption or stop eating meat at all, it helps you to realise what handicaps and consequences would come with such decision.
Thank you for completing this e-form. (If you clicked a link and came back to this page to find your scores have disappeared: then again tick off any box that suits you and they will re-appear). If you would like to know more about 'the test and what you can do with its results' please click here. If you care to read an article on the ethics concerning the consumption of meat, choose this link. If you care to read an article on the problems that vegans meet, then please choose this link.

logoThis page describes one aspect of the influence that man has on the quality of life of an animal.
We wish to promote the (in other countries as well) growing of awareness, that freedom is also important for an animal.
An animal is not a thing, but a being that has the right to quality of a natural way of life.
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