Deciding whether something is or is not ethical sound partly depends on personal assessment. Basing your opinion on a principle, as we do, makes it much easier to decide. Our principle is that freedom is most important for both humans and animals. The various ways of keeping (housing) animals, and the way people choose their food are brought together in the ethical scale depicted alongside. Here too one's own conscience plays an important role. It's still your own responsibility whether or not to eat meat or dairy products. When these are products from factory farming, they are not ethically acceptable. battery cage chicken
Ethical barometer
Ethical scale Chickens Pigs Fish
Ethically unsound Laying battery Tied sow
Salmon breeding
Table type chick farm
Pleasure hunting Fishing (angling)
Personal judgment Hunting for the control of wildlife Offshore fishing
Free-range farm Aquarium
Ethically sound Vegetarianism