meat tastes good

vegetarian food tastes good

meat is healthy

vegetarian food is healthier

eating meat is natural

eating meat produced in factory farming is unnatural

meat is indispensable, without it you will become ill

a vegetarian taking a balanced diet does not risk his health, only vegans (who eat absolutely no animal products at all) have to supplement their diet with vitamin B-12. If they do that, they will stay healthy.

animals exist to be eaten, that happens in nature

in nature hardly any species of animal imprisons other animals for their entire lives so they can eat them when they want to

humans need animal protein

during digestion, all proteins are broken down to amino acids, all of which also occur in plant protein. The human body needs amino acids to build up proteins itself.

if all people would be vegetarian, there would be more hunger in the world

the opposite is the case, if vegetable food were distributed justly, all hunger would be banished.

humans seek the life-force of an animal, the life-force will continue to exist if an animal is butchered with dignity

life-force disappears anytime animals are killed

This article is part of a series on falsities and demagogy

Some arguments used in debate on the topics in the title simply are invalid.

That goes for pro and contra.

We selected a few of the most rigid arguments from different situations and placed an appropriate counterargument.

Because a more clear and honest way of reasoning helps improve the circumstances animals live in.

Mail us if you encounter other or new (counter)-arguments.

Apart from the specific issues there are the types of arguments in general.

Fallacies are deliberately or accidentally used in a debate. So be aware of the principles and the integrity of an opponent. Click here for tips on how to react to animal-unfriendly behavior of others.

Non-valid arguments (deceptive arguments) for different groups:



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