granting rights to animals is treating animals equal to humans
there is no principal difference between humans and animals. Animals have equal basic rights but would not want to be treated as humans. They have different needs.
rights accrue only to creatures with the innate ability to be responsible for themselves
this does not apply to fundamental rights. Animal rights are in fact human rights to limit other people's unjust behavior towards animals.
animals in captivity are freer than in nature because there are no predators to kill them.
to fall prey to an natural enemy by a natural enemy is part of the course of nature. It is the other side of the right to be free and is undeniably linked to it.
the animal doesn't know better
through ignorance or impossibility not to know what animals exactly want, is no ground to deny rights to animals
to fight injustice towards people is more important
this doesn't make animal rights unimportant
animals do not have feelings like humans
not being able to express feelings like humans do is irrelevant to having rights
animals are inferior to humans
value and basic rights have nothing to do with each other
animals are there to serve man
servants have equal rights to masters
why should you grant rights to animals?
this question could also be aimed at people. Whoever denies another being (human or animal) rights, denies those rights to oneself as well.
animals are different from humans
if you grant animals their freedom, there is no need to look for (dis)similarities between humans and animals to base (a difference in) their rights upon.

This article is part of a series on falsities and demagogy
Some arguments used in debateon the topics in the title simply are invalid. That goes for pro and contra. We selected a few of the most rigid arguments from different situations and placed an appropriate counterargument. Because a more clear and honest way of reasoning helps improve the circumstances animals live in. Mail us if you encounter other or new (counter)-arguments. Apart from the specific issues there are the types of arguments in general. Fallacies are deliberately or accidentally used in a debate. So be aware of the principles and the integrity of an opponent. Click here for tips on how to react to animal-unfriendly behavior of others.
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