Animal experimentation is necessary

For some medicine it is made obligatory that they are tested on animals. "Obligatory" is different from "necessary".
A lot of animal experimentation is done for commercial reasons. More types of medicine and cosmetics are being produced than is necessary.

You can't do research for cancer or aids without using animals

The best results are made with human research. That is more expensive, though.

There are not enough alternatives

Only 1% of the budget is used to find alternatives. When you don't look, you will find nothing. Nevertheless there are many effective alternatives.
For alternatives see for example InterNICHE.

Animal experimentation is aimed at human happiness and human health

The first and most important aim of pharmaceutical industry is profit

When you don't sacrifice animals, you sacrifice human lives

In view of the fact of the successful results of human experimentations and others without animals it is rather harmful not to switch to experimentation without animals

If you get ill yourself, you will change your mind

It is better to look for alternatives when there is enough time to live

Isn't immoral to use humans for experimentation?

Human beings cooperate voluntary and communicate better. Researchers are more motivated to set up save and effective experiments.

This article is part of a series on falsities and demagogy

Some arguments used in debate on the topics in the title simply are invalid.

That goes for pro and contra.

We selected a few of the most rigid arguments from different situations and placed an appropriate counterargument.

Because a more clear and honest way of reasoning helps improve the circumstances animals live in.

Mail us if you encounter other or new (counter)-arguments.

Apart from the specific issues there are the types of arguments in general.

Fallacies are deliberately or accidentally used in a debate. So be aware of the principles and the integrity of an opponent. Click here for tips on how to react to animal-unfriendly behavior of others.

Non-valid arguments (deceptive arguments) for different groups:



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